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Even before my time, Grandma Helen welcomed family, old friends, and new friends alike to her home where she would make her Caesars while saxophone tunes were playing in the background. It was the norm for conversations to linger past sundown, and Grandma Helen would bring out her accordion or play the piano by ear. She created a haven where every visit felt like a warm embrace.

31 CHARKAY is founded in the appreciation of simple pleasures and the richness of shared experiences. This space is inspired by Her, the woman who always showed up, worked hard, played hard, and LOVED hard. It was also She who taught us to always choose unconditional love again, and again, and again.

With open arms, we invite you join us at our family table, in our home at 31 CHARKAY – where the atmosphere is brimming with an abundance of love, delicious food is spread across the table and an abundance of great wine is shared.

Our inspiration

Grandma Helen

Born and raised on a family farm in Westmeath near Beachburg, Grandma Helen was a woman well ahead of her times. She had a strong commitment in her work, where she held a long and successful 35-year career as a public servant with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. She was a strong and independent woman who knew what she wanted and worked with determination to achieve it. Although her weeks were filled, she always made time on Mondays to volunteer at the YMCA. She was rooted in her community of Nepean and contributed to it greatly.

Grandma Helen worked hard, but also enjoyed life immensely. She loved to sing, dance, and play her piano and accordion. In the summers, she would spend many of her days at her trailer on White Lake, soaking up the sunshine and catching up with her friends.

She had a deep sense of love for all those around her, whether they were long-time friends or new friends she met out and about. She shared her warm and vibrant personality wherever she went. She appreciated the diversity that Canada had, and got to know many different cultures by housing international students from all around the world. She never judged a book by its cover, was always curious to try new things and welcomed new ideas. As I look back, Grandmother Helen was the essence of what unconditional love is.

A home filled with laughter, music, and warmth.
A life filled with love, kindness and generosity. 

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