Private Events

Our spaces provide an intimate and warm energy for any event. 

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31 CHARKAY is available for large group dinners with a variety of unique event indoor and outdoor events options, including full restaurant buyouts. Our spaces provide an intimate environment for a bespoke event while maintaining 31 CHARKAY’s warm energy and aesthetic.

All large group dinners and special events at 31 CHARKAY feature the personal attention of Head Chef Tye McLellan.

Although there are days that we do not have service, the restaurant is available upon request to host your full buy-out or special event.

A service charge of 18% will be added to all tables of 9 or more guests. 

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group dinners

Whether you are celebrating a special achievement or gathering with friends and loved ones, our diverse menu and vibrant ambiance ensure a memorable experience. Inquire now for a custom-tailored menu to make your event truly special.

the location

“The concept behind 31 CHARKAY was to bring a feeling of nostalgia, specifically to Amy and her cherished memories of summers spent with her grandmother. The interior of the restaurants ambiance evokes a sense of familiarity through wood beams, floral accents, touches of pastels, and soft lighting throughout. The seating areas are arranged to mimic intimate gatherings of family dinners with mismatched chairs and eclectic wood tables.”

– Tia Smith, Interior Designer & Co-Founder of Jute Studios