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31 CHARKAY is the very first project that I got to build from ideas drafted on paper into a space shared for the community.

When I first stepped into the industry, I had a challenge meeting the right trades, the right people that had the same desire and passion for their line of work as much as I did. I invested resources that have since been categorized into lessons learned. Over time, as I learned and saw more, my paths started crossing with the right people.

I have always believed in promoting others with whom I have enjoyed working with – and in all honesty, it is tough to find the right people. So here is a list of amazing people that I had the pleasure of collaborating with on 31 CHARKAY and would recommend them time and time again.

Amy Chang

31 Charkay's Beef Carpaccio Salad

Our Friends & Neighbours

all things creative

Visual Identity & Branding

Victoria Horng

VYH Creative

Victoria isn’t just a graphic designer; she is someone who knows the right questions to ask so she can pull an emotion and communicate it on the visual identity and branding. Anyone can do 2D or 3D artwork, but Victoria works in the metaphysical realm to truly capture the essence of your brand. She is patient with you throughout the entire process and the outcome is brilliant.

Interior Design

Tia Smith

Jute Design

Tia is not only creative; she is collaborative and efficient in her work. She’s the type of person who not only brings innovative ideas to the table but also ensures that projects are completed on time, all while maintaining an exceptional level of finesse. She’s truly a valuable asset in any interior design endeavour.


Kirsten Wilkinson

By Kirsten Taylor

Photography is not only about capturing a moment in time, but bringing out the emotions of that moment. Kirsten’s photography has a depth and warmth that beautifully aligns with the essence of 31 CHARKAY. Through her lens, she transforms moments into visual experiences.

Web Designer

Steffanie Mackie

Six Letter Creative

Steffanie effortlessly grasped our brand identity and translated it into a website that’s both visually captivating and engaging. Her attention to detail shines through in every aspect, from the typography and color palette to the seamless user experience she mapped out. She not only understands design principles but also knows how to apply them effectively to enhance our online presence.

all things hands on


Ryan Coe

Coe & Company Electric

I was introduced to Ryan through his father-in-law, Arlen, on one of the many trips I made between Vancouver and Kelowna. Arlen and I chatted about many things, and one of the topics was about his daughter and son-in-law Ryan. He spoke highly of Ryan and his electrical contracting career. Since then, we have worked with Ryan for our electrical needs at Grizzli Winery and it was natural to bring him on board for 31 CHARKAY. 

Ceramic Tiler

Phil Butler

MBE Contract

Phil is detail oriented, patient, and passionate in his trade. He took great care in tiling our fireplace and bar counters. He’s a bit old school and has no website, never needed it with the work he has gotten through word-of-mouth referral. But if you need some references, come by the restaurant and check out his work or browse through our social online. He is talented in his work, and I didn’t have an inch of worry working with him. Something that is hard to come by these days in the trades field.

all things furniture, fixtures, and equipment


EB Horseman

General Lighting

Essi Piilonen

Finnish Design

Designer Lighting


Montpellier & Associates


Jason Wing

Russell Hendrix



The Plane & Nail Co.

Custom Tables & Table tops

Robert Weiss



raise your glass

From crafted cocktails to our curated beer and wine list, each drink is a celebration of the creativity, passion, and hard work that have come together to create our unique ambiance. Cheers to the collective spirit that makes up 31 CHARKAY.